Contacting me

My e-mail address is If you decide to drop me an e-mail message, be sure to put something meaningful in the subject line so Gmail’s spam filters don’t accidentally classify your message as spam. I seldom check my spam box for false positives.

You can find me on IRC too. I’m always connected to idling in my channel, ##shadowm. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get an immediate response from me, since I’m not always at the computer.

It’s also possible to reach me via Twitter as @Shikadilord!


I can be found at several other web sites, but I’m not likely to answer you if you contact me through them unless I’ve met you before, so you should use the aforementioned media instead.

This list is here to make it possible to tell whether a person using my username on a particular site is really me. If you are in doubt about a lookalike in some site that isn’t listed here, feel free to drop me a message through one of the channels mentioned above!


  • freenode: shadowm, shadowmaster, Shikadilord