About me

Hi there!

I am Ignacio R. Morelle, although I often go by the nicknames of shadowmaster, shadowm or ShikadiLord on websites. My native language is Spanish since I was born and currently live in Chile, but I also speak English.

Many of my common activities involve computer software in some way.


Abducted by the Battle for Wesnoth project, helping around in the maintenance of one of the largest open-source turn-based strategy games, currently at its stable version 1.10. I also made a couple of user-made add-ons for the game. Since mid/late 2009, I administrate the game’s official forum board.

During 2010 I also contributed a considerable amount of game levels to Frogatto & Friends, a sidescrolling platformer made by some people from the Wesnoth crew. You can read more details about my work for it in the relevant blog post.


I prefer using Perl whenever possible, since I fell in love with its simplicity and flexibility — but I also know C++, which I originally learned for crafting a few patches for Wesnoth.


Being fairly fluent in written English and Spanish, I have done some translation work in the past for the Battle for Wesnoth, and Atheme IRC Services, both as a regular translator and a translation maintainer.

I’m not active as a translator in either project anymore for various reasons, in particular the fact that I don’t make use of translations myself anymore and I am out of touch with such things as current Spanish UI localization conventions.

Web development?

This website in all of its incarnations was designed from scratch by me, as part of an ongoing exercise to harness the power of CSS, HTML, and PHP without any formal training. Everything you see was lovingly hand-crafted using a text editor with syntax highlighting. I also created and maintain the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project’s website, which also went through several iterations.

But I would not call myself a “web developer”, seeing as how I lack formal training of any sort, and do not have any experience with more dynamic elements (e.g. forms) or Javascript.