Shikadibot 0314

From the Wesnoth and Wesnoth-UMC-Dev projects, AI0867 and I have developed an IRC bot/irssi plug-in that has its home set in the channel #wesnoth-umc-dev at — a bot designed to deliver general information to IRC users, including a built-in acronyms dictionary derived from the NetBSD wtf script, subversion repository querying for web-compatible views of revision logs, diffs, directories or files, and witty remarks. :-).

But it is really not something I'd recommend to anyone wanting to have an IRC bot of his/her own. When I started it I barely knew Perl; in fact, I learned it along the way. Only very recently I have learned that most of Shikadibot's source code is truly unmaintainable crap that “just works”. Shikadibot’s future replacement, Rei 2 IRC Bot, is a work in progress.

It has a page of its own at the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev website.

The name is an obvious reference to my favorite Commander Keen characters.

Note: the primary Shikadibot instance in freenode no longer uses the 0314 core, since it’s been superseded by Rei 2 IRC Bot.

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