Add-ons for the Battle for Wesnoth

Besides being a mainline coder in Battle for Wesnoth, I am also a long-time player who has created a couple of add-ons for the game, thanks to the fantastic extensibility granted by WML.

All of the add-ons listed here are also hosted by the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev Project.

Single-player campaigns

Invasion from the Unknown

Long after the Fall, the last forest elves are forced to abandon their safe valley and find themselves resorting to the dark means of necromancy in order to survive the perils and challenges of this new harsh world.

This campaign was started around September 2007. Being a one-man project, there is some custom pixel art sprites in it that I had to make by myself — in particular, the ‘Shaxthal’ creatures sprite set, and one of the main heroes. The plot was written as I coded scenarios and crafted new maps, which could have easily ended up being a total disaster.

Although the campaign has two separate entries in the Campaigns menu for two tightly-linked “episodes” with 13 scenarios each, it is really a single-episode campaign for most intents and purposes. The possibility to start from Episode II was provided much later during development as a convenience for replayers:

  • Episode I: Seeking the Light
  • Episode II: Armageddon

Back when I wrote this campaign, my grasp of the English language was very, very poor, and I did not have any prior experience with storytelling techniques. Over time, its prose has been edited by various people without any coordination whatsoever, resulting in a stylistic mashup that leaves a lot to be desired. It does not help either that the campaign suffers from many gameplay balancing issues.

Some day I may revisit this campaign and deal with all the issues plaguing it.

Blog updates

After the Storm

After the Emperor of Chaos was defeated, the free civilizations of the Great Continent hoped that his followers would abandon the ongoing war. Meanwhile, Galas’ band heads back to the northern lands to request aid for their next journey.

This intermediate level campaign is the immediate sequel to Invasion from the Unknown, started in 2008 and completed on February 23rd, 2013. It consists of three separate episodes with 13 scenarios each, all provided in a single package:

  • Episode I: Fear
  • Episode II: Fate
  • Episode III: Final

Until mid 2011, this campaign was stuck in Development Hell due to lack of motivation and skill concerns. Development resumed afterwards at a faster rate, and I learned more about storytelling, writing, pixel art, and programming (in particular, Lua) in the process. It is yet another one-man project, this time with even more original art of my own.

Although it is a notable and deliberate departure from IftU in tone, structure, and purpose, I believe I managed to achieve a better balance between plot and gameplay compared to its predecessor. Not every player who liked IftU will like this campaign, but I believe that those who did not like IftU may enjoy the gradual change of pace.

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